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The Ten Incarnations of Lord Vishnu (Desa-Avatara) & Charles Darwin

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As per Hindu mythology there are three aspects of god, one for creation (Brahma), one for upkeep (Vishnu) and the next for extermination (Shiva). This holy-trinity is also considered as three separate gods. The ten incarnations our subject today was taken by Lord Vishnu the nurturer of the universe. The theory of evolution put forward has striking similarities with the sequences of the incarnations those are described in the ancient Hindu mythology. The 10 avatars.

1. Matsya (fish) which represents aquatic form of life, which originated in water.

2. Kurma (tortroise) amphibian represents the transition of life from water to land (aquatic to terrestrial).

3. Varaha (
boar) a full fledged terrestrial animal represents the third stage.

4. Narasimham (lion-man or half man half lion) a transition stage from animal to man.

5. Vamana (short pigmy-type man) represents earliest type of human beings.

6. Rama-1 (Parasu Ram) represents hunter and gatherer culture of stone-age.

7. Rama-2 (Bala Ram) represents the further advanced man doing

8. Rama-3 (Sri Ram –the king) represents man at the helm of political control.

9. Krishna (Lord Sri Krishna) a matured philosophical strategist and intellectual the ideal person or role model of the twentieth century.

10. Kalki. (Not yet born) It is a weird figure which flies like a bird run like a horse and spits fire burning everything which comes in its way. As per mythology this destructive animal has the mission of putting an end to the whole universe.

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We have seen that all the nine incarnations which have taken place in consonance with the modern concepts, and the hypothesis Charles Darwin has put forward. The only anxiety left may be what would come as the mythological “Kalki” would be? Most probably it must be the next stage of man with technological progress, man has acquired almost all the qualities of Kalki like speed exceeding horse, ability to fly faster than birds, spitting fire is already done our guns and weapons, then there is no room for any confusion the “Kalki” is within us and the end seems to be not far away!

"Matsya Kurma Varahatcha

Narasimhatcha Vamana

Ramo Rama Ramatcha

Krishna Kalki Janardhanaha!"

"Fish, Tortroise, Wild Boar

Narasimha (lion-man) and Vamana (dwarf-man)

Ramo (axe-weilding man) Rama (plough-weilding man) Ramatcha (King Rama)

Krishna (strategist, philosopher) Kalki (terminator), these are all forms of Vishnu!"

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