Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Conflicts In Love

In every relationship, there is a level of closeness and comfort level we share with a person. The love we share with our closed ones is dependent on a number of factors. However, when we are faced with problems which have a mighty effect on our relationship, aspects of our relationship may take a different turn.All of us, in some way or the other believe that every relationship should be perfect like the continuation of a Prince Charming meeting his beauty and living happily ever after. We all believe in the ideal institution of love and romance. With times, the concept of love has taken a very different turn.

It is not just the Casanovas or women with loose characters who tell every guy they meet that they love them but people with past relationships also have uttered idealistic words which may no sense over a period of time. The ideal of love has not any Mills and Boon teenage love story in today's world. There is much more to it.Relationships today are based on survival and adjustment. These two words may send a chill across your spine. However, this is the new definition of love sandwiched with keeping the notion of love alive and dealing conflicts is a new way of communication.Conflicts in love is a part and parcel of every relationship shared by two people.

The severity of conflicts depend on our own weaknesses and shortcomings and in those of our persons we have chosen to be with. At first, we are tuned to looking at our love relationship through rose tinted glasses but over a period of time, when the passion or madness of being in love with your mate ceases, our true selves emerge on the fore making it difficult to make any relationship work. Couples have conflicts on many areas such as keeping the friendship of an ex- flame , lack of financial resources for basic sustenance, infidelity and lack of sexual pleasure emerging from sexual intercourse.

If you look closely into many failed relationships, lack of communication seems to be the number one threat to jeopardize any relationship. To better your relationship, communication is extremely crucial. The Shakespearean tragedy Othello serves as an appropriate example to illustrate this point . Conflicts in their own way serve as a means for speaking our heart out on issues and helps in solving problems. Healthy conflicts is a must in every relationship if you do not use weapons to wage marital or love wars. Having arguments and coming to a healthy conclusion of making your loved one happy is essential for happiness. After resolving differences with your loved one, share your love with some great love making!

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