Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10 Ways To Stay Happily Married

1. Stay spontaneous
Do something that looks unplanned such as dropping in to your partner's office and taking him to lunch, packing a little gift in his briefcase or getting tickets to a concert or the theatre.

2. Make loving gestures
While having dinner, you can put on soft music, light candles and tell your partner how much you've been thinking of him/her during the day.

3. Make eye contact
Face your partner when he/she is speaking to you. Eye contact makes you feel more connected.

4. Agree to disagree
Try and avoid arguments with your partner. Next time you disagree, shock him/her in the nicest possible way by saying: 'You're right.'

5. Embrace change
Surprise your partner by getting a new look. A quick and easy way to do this could be to dye your hair, restyle it or get a wig for fun.

6. Do something unexpected
Offer to do something your partner won't expect, like sensually washing his/her hair in a candlelit bath or having a warm towel ready when he/she steps out of the shower.

7. Celebrate your love
Do something symbolic such as planting a special bush or buying a pot plant that is your partner's favourite variety and let him/her know that it represents your love.

8. Do a favour
Try one little chore that benefits your partner directly, such as dropping his laundry at the dry cleaners. Such things take only minutes but show how much you care.

9. Cosy up to your rival
If there's someone in your partner's life you consider to be a rival, such as his best friend or mother, stop arguing about them and surprise your partner by inviting them over for a lovely dinner.

10. Relive the past
Looking at holiday snaps, family photos or wedding pics can also help in making a relationship stronger.

ANi - 'Sizzling Sex' By Dr Pam Spurr

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