Friday, July 16, 2010

Hindu Vrats - Fasting Or Upvaas

Vrats are votive fasting rites which are practiced throughout India. The observance of Vrats spans religious boundaries, social classes and even caste and sectarian affiliations.

Naturally then, there is a great variety in the kinds of vrats performed and numerous variations in the actual practice of any particular vrat.

The word fasting means to move near (to the Supreme) and by implication to overcome helplessness. A calamity has always been an occasion for prayer, we normally pray for a positive reason like asking for a boon, other reasons include appeasement of an anger deity.

It is believed that no prayer can be complete unless it is accompanied by an offering.

Commonly performed Vrats:-

· Monday Vrat for Shiva

· Tuesday Vrat for Ganapati

· Wednesday Vrat for Krishna

· Thursday Vrat for Dattaguru

· Friday Vrat for Lakshmi

· Saturday Vrat for Hanuman

· Sunday Vrat for Surya

Pundit Ravi - Hindu Vrats

қαvї - கவி

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